The project started thanks to the collaboration between the Bruno Kessler Foundation of Trento (3DOM research unit) and the University of Salerno (Dept. of Civil Engineering and Dept. of Cultural Heritage Sciences).

The project aims to produce accurate and realistic 3D models, maps, sections and orthoimages of the site and its monuments for documentation, conservation, preservation, restoration and visualization purposes. Given the dimension of the area (ca 700 x 350 m) and the characteristics and complexity of the architectures, an integrated surveying approach is used. Photogrammetry (terrestrial and from UAV) and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) methods were merged in order to fully exploit the intrinsic advantages of the actual 3D recording techniques.

The project includes also a yearly summerschool for knowledge and technology transfer which is taking place in Paestum and allows the participants to (1) learn theoretical information, (2) practice with acquisition platforms/sensors inside the archaeological area and (3) use processing software to derive 3D and 2D products out of the acquired data.

Old picture of the archaeological area - Copyright Superintendence