Scientific publications

Fiorillo, F., Jimenez Fernandez-Palacios, B., Remondino, F., Barba, S., 2012: 3D Surveying and modeling of the archaeological area of Paestum, Italy. Proc. 3rd Inter. Conference "Arquelogica 2.0", 20-22 June, Sevilla, Spain

Fiorillo, F., Remondino, F., Barba, S., Santoriello, A., De Vita, C.B., Casellato, A., 2013: 3D Digitization and mapping of heritage monuments and comparison with historical drawings. Int. Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Vol.II(5/W1). 24th CIPA Int. Symposium, 2-6 September, Strasbourg, France

Other articles / news

3D-ICONS project news: Report on the summer school in Paestum